Friday, April 10, 2015


It’s been several months, since I last blogged. Over the last few weeks, many discoveries within myself have shone light on my path. I wanted to share some insight with as many of you as possible. I do hope that you will continue to spread the word about OBS, and I look forward to posting more frequently in the future. Happy Reading!

Being New Yorkers, we may seem to live in a constant rat race.  However, how much of that "rat race" is actually created by us to distract ourselves from what is truly going on with our 75% non-physical bodies? We are so caught up with not having enough “time,” that we forget  to create time for ourselves and our loved ones.

A reference I gave in workshop a while back, was that of being the driver of an automobile. If the car represents our lives, then we are in control of where we choose to drive or if we choose to halt. During workshops and in classes, I am merely the driving instructor; my role consists of guiding and helping others to learn how to brake (take time outs when needed - meditation, yoga, journaling, etc.), accelerate (push a little harder, taking different and various approaches to our overall health, more classes, strength training, dance, etc.), reverse (acknowledging what was not or was accomplished in the past and discovering why; referencing patterns and breaking cycles), and finally, use turn signals (helping to discover which direction is best or YOU). However, I cannot drive the vehicle for you; this YOU must choose to do (or simply hail a cab or train and let someone else be in control of YOUR life.)

Think of the rear view mirror as your past; you may glance at it, but only briefly as a reference point for where you are going. Your wind shield represents your vast future. What you choose to do with your vehicle and where you decide to journey is up to you. No vehicle can run sufficiently, however, if the brakes, oil, tires, anti-freeze, et al. have not been serviced. This is why it is important to go within ourselves physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally and mindfully create time for ourself.

That having been said, if you didn't have the time or simply did not make yourself a priority last week, what can you do this week to create time for yourself? Taking 10 minutes each day just for yourself, can catapult you into being a healthier, happier  and more productive person in totality. Let’s use the car analogy: Decide what kind of vehicle you'd like to drive or be associated with: limo, range rover, jeep, yellow cab, suburban, Porsche, and ask if you are currently reflecting your choice of vehicle through your actions. What can you do help facilitate your “dream car” into a present manifestation?

I challenged my participants in nutritional holiday workshop last Fall to "go veggie." This meant a non-consumption of ALL animal products for 7 days: no dairy, no meat, no fish. They designed their own meals solely based on vegetables and plant based foods. At first this seemed unfathomable to them, but when they changed their perspective, they discovered a plethora of available options. 

I live in NYC, the heartbeat of the world.  People come from all over the world to experience NYC's energy. We cater to vegetarians, vegans, celiacs, kosher people, and carnivores. If you eat out a lot, discover the vegetarian and vegan restaurants that NYC has to offer (vegan wine btw is delicious.) If you prefer to cook, but are conscious of spending a lot on organic or vegetarian options, both Trader Joe's and Fairway have affordable prices and a variety of options.

Think back to when you were a senior in high school and had the world of opportunity and options at your fingertips: college, work, internships, traveling. Not much changes as we get older, except our perspective. Glance back in your rear view mirror, but look forward to your vast windshield of opportunities!
Happy Driving!

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Friday, January 9, 2015

"Soul"-dier of Light

"Soul"-dier of Light

We have heard the phrases:
  1. •“Follow your gut.”
  2. •“To thine own self be true.”
  3. •“Trust your instincts.”
  4. •“Ask. Believe. Receive.”
  5. •“Let go & let God.”
  6. •“The Power of Now.”
  7. •“Clarity happens when muddy waters settle.”
  8. •“It’s ok to fall off the path, as long as you get back on it.”
  9. •“There’s a light at the end of the tunnel.”
  10. •“Everything happens for a reason.”
  11. •“No mud, no lotus.”

These affirmative and positive reminders all speak the light of truth. Yet, how many times have we resisted the light of truth? Ask yourself if you have also felt the following:
  1. •“Why didn’t I trust myself?”
  2. •“I know better than that.”
  3. •“Why is this happening to me again?”
  4. •“I thought I was doing what was best at the time.”
  5. •“I didn’t expect things to turn out like this.”
  6. •“So what happens now?”
  7. •“I wish I had be given a sign.”
  8. •“Better luck next time.”
  9. •“I just don’t understand.”
  10. •“Why do bad things happen to good people?”
  11. •“I’m never doing that again.”

The truth is that we have all fallen off our paths of truth at least once in our lives. This is the human condition, a right of passage, and a very much needed process on the path to enlightenment. Situations, circumstances, and patterns that seemingly serve repetitive actually serve to teach us the true meaning behind the lesson. Until we can actively apply and live the lesson learned in the present, we are bound to repeat the cycle until the path is truly cleared.

If you have started the journey and have put yourself on the path of truth, you will be able to face the lesson head on. Knowing that love is the most powerful and fundamental guide enables the suffering to cease. With this practice, we are able to love ourselves fully and learn from the cycle, rather than beating ourselves up for not “paying attention to that pesky gut” in the first place. Divine order has already accounted for this process. 

At this time, it is powerfully important to surround yourself with healing light energy. The people you choose to spend your time and energy with are a direct reflection of who you are right now. We may justify our connections with long time friends from high school or college, work colleagues, and even family members. However, the light of truth shines a direct revelation to mirror both the positive and negative qualities of each individual. Have you ever listened to gossip about someone/something or been an ear that a friend just needed to vent to? Did you find yourself slowly gossiping as well or being sucked into the venting session? If you answered yes, then you allowed yourself to become a direct receptacle of negative energy. 

You are probably wondering, “Well what am I supposed to do...walk away?” The answer is yes. When you allow yourself to become tied to and receive the negative vibrations of someone or something else, you directly absorb and take on the qualities of that person or thing. While the example of a chatty or gossipy friend was given, I am certain you can find the degrees of toxicity that already exists within your world. The question is whether you will choose to continue having that toxic energy infect you or will you “walk away” from it?

Walking away from toxic energy, may be challenging at first. You may struggle with the length of time you have invested, the memories shared, the perks, etc. While no situation or person may seem to be “perfect,” I am here to assert that perfection does exists! What is it that you truly desire in a friend, a job, a marriage, in children, in the world? What is it that YOU truly want for yourself? Remember, your idea and vision of perfection is only “perfect” for you, so get real and be as creative as possible. 

As you start  to unearth and truly recognize what your “perfect” friend, job, mate, family, etc. is for YOU, the light of truth will shine on what you must release in the present. This is the moment that we often realize why the pattern or repetitive cycle truly existed in the first place. We create these patterns until we recognize how truly intertwined the cycle of energy is. Having and allowing for any toxic energy, anything that does not serve for our highest and greatest potential, diminishes our light and ultimately leads us to resist following our gut, trusting our instincts, letting go, getting clear, and staying on our enlightened path.

Once this recognition and awareness is present, it becomes our dharma (duty) to release the toxic person, place, job, and energy from within and around us. This is often the most difficult task. A job that you have invested in for several years and finally pays you a salary that you have been working towards can be truly difficult to leave. We may often find ourselves only holding onto positives in order to justify why we need this job. We often allow ourselves to think that since the positives may outweigh the negatives, we should really “stick it out.” Things aren’t so bad, right? Yet, if you dig really deeply and truly unearth the reasons why you may be holding on versus the infinite possibilities of what your “perfect” job is, it truly becomes clear. Fear is what keeps us from growth. Growth is painful; growth is scary; growth is necessary.

Re-read the affirmations at the top. Ask yourself if you are truly willing to walk the courageous path and be a “soul”dier of light? Does it seem challenging to let go, now? Do you have doubts?  Do you have fears? Take a deep breath and envision your perfect life again. Is what you have in front of you (friend, job, home, family, finances, etc.) in accordance with the true vision of perfection you can attain? Get really real with yourself and ask yourself if you are truly ready to have it ALL.

The power of manifestation is an ancient practice. It is a direct channel to allow for all that we want to come into fruition. It does, however, require being truly honest with what you want and the willingness to let go of whatever does not truly serve you. I have had to truly evaluate what I have wanted in my life, and I can attest to the power of manifestation and the law of attraction. Surround yourself with light, and you will begin to embody light in all aspects; surround yourself with darkness, and you will begin to slowly have your own light dimmed.

When I began my journey of walking an enlightened path, I had no idea at the time just how many “friends,” family members, or that my job and my environment were all contributions of toxic energy. I was clueless as to how much negative energy I had allowed myself to absorb throughout the years. Things and people that I once thought were my “release,” my outlet and safe haven, were actually portals of toxic energy. I began to get really real with myself. I noticed how I felt when I was with certain people or in particular locations. I noticed if I felt “heavy” or “weighed down.” I started to recognize the aches and pains, the drainage of energy, the physical properties manifesting within my body. They were all connected. 

As I slowly started to test my theory and distance myself from toxic friends, family, etc. I also began to notice resistance and negative reactions when I simply and politely declined attending events. Instead of supporting me or being happy that I was creatively busy or simply “doing work on myself,” (I used this phrase, when I simply did not want to engage in any behavior or outing that was not in my best interest), I felt the clinging and reluctance of many to let go. The clingy behaviors, text, phone calls became draining and obsessive, and that is when the light was shone upon my once close friends. I could no longer walk my path while allowing toxic energy to hold onto me. I made the decision right then and there to cut ties. Slowly, my strength grew to sever ties with toxic family members, my environment, and finally my job. I did not realize how much toxicity I was actually allowing to penetrate my being.

Being a  “soul”-dier of light serves your highest purpose; it serves to manifest the truest, purest, being you can be so that you may have everything you truly desire and shed light for others to follow. Truly ask yourself if your circle includes people who are always positive, sometimes positive, or rarely positive? You are a direct refection of your environment and the company you keep. Keep your circle positive and watch what unfolds. Learning to recognize beings that merely regurgitate positive affirmations and those who truly put them into practice is no different from watching people who go to yoga and practice the asanas, but fail to implement the sutras and theories “off the mat.”

“Perfection” and true happiness are an inside job. Take time and devote your focus on the spiritual and energetic “workout.” You will begin to see you life blossom, and you will begin to attract the perfect life you truly desire when you become a “Soul”-dier of light.